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Hi I'm Katie Mae!

Glad you are here :)

In May 2021 I graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Marketing. My time at Kent State really allowed me to grow and develop as a person and designer. I was encouraged to push the boundaries of design and work hard to produce innovative work. 

There are three things that I strive for when designing and working with clients.  First off, I push to be creative and find different, unique solutions. This starts at the sketching/ideation stage as well as throughout the design process. I strive to think abstractly about solutions and communicate those in the clearest way possible. I also desire to constantly have a positive attitude, work hard and encourage those around me.

Outside of design, I enjoy being inspired and captivated by nature. It's a life goal of mine to visit all of the National Parks! You can usually catch me drinking coffee, reading a book or playing with my kitten, Loki.

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